Video testimonials have set us apart from our competitors as real, local & worth talking to.

We aren’t in the Social Media Marketing space but I’m excited about the impact we’ve had from posting a couple of short videos on our testimonial page & wanted to share 🙂
If you are a SOHO business in the professional or business to business space perhaps you could get value from posting some short, simple videos from your top clients.

Prospects have told me that having video drove them to check out our website ahead of others. One person said that they thought the videos identified us as a real kiwi business & not the New Zealand office of an off-shore call centre.

When preparing for shooting the video we gave some thought to previous comments made by our client in a testimonial or conversation with us about the results acheived by working together. With our client’s agreement we met & spent 10 to 20 minutes shooting as many short (1-3 minute) video clips as we needed to get a concise message we were both happy with. Video was shot with a Flip camera but most current smartphones will provide comparable quality.

The scripting was “off the cuff” to keep it natural & real. One client provided an intro & a few short videos on specific points so that we could edit these into one longer video or post each one individually. Other than that we have posted the videos without editing – once again it keeps it real!

We didn’t dream this up in a vacuum. Our friends in the marketing team at SOHO Solutions gave us the idea & pointed us at the tools & we did the rest. They are great at educating their clients & helping them get the best Social Media Marketing for their budget.

Give them a call on 078490289 & ask for Jodie – remember to mention this post when you call

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