A lot of us do feel the negative effect of prospect after prospect saying “no”. Our staff make prospecting calls all day & even though we hire people that are naturally less phased by a “no”, articles that give a fresh perspective on this aspect of their role are very useful.

This week Becky pointed out an article by Paul McCord from the current issue (number 56) of the NZ Sales Manager called The Secret of Handling Rejection. Paul says in his article;

It seems we need to find a format that will give us the opportunity to offset the rejection with success.

If cold calling is a part of your role then this article is worth a read. Sales people are often hired for a number of skills & prospecting is just one of those skills. Paul offers some valuable ideas on how to manage the way you structure your daily activities to help in handling rejection.

The ideas I have found in the NZ Sales Manager & heard at the RevUp events & put into practice have been extremely valuable to me. If you are a Sales Professional I strongly recommend subscribing to the NZ Sales Manager (its free!) & attending the next Rev-Up on Wednesday 16th November (click here for details)

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