A lot of us do feel the negative effect of prospect after prospect saying “no”. Our staff make prospecting calls all day & even though we hire people that are naturally less phased by a “no”, articles that give a fresh perspective on this aspect of their role are very useful.

This week Becky pointed out an article by Paul McCord from the current issue (number 56) of the NZ Sales Manager called The Secret of Handling Rejection. Paul says in his article;

It seems we need to find a format that will give us the opportunity to offset the rejection with success.

If cold calling is a part of your role then this article is worth a read. Sales people are often hired for a number of skills & prospecting is just one of those skills. Paul offers some valuable ideas on how to manage the way you structure your daily activities to help in handling rejection.

The ideas I have found in the NZ Sales Manager & heard at the RevUp events & put into practice have been extremely valuable to me. If you are a Sales Professional I strongly recommend subscribing to the NZ Sales Manager (its free!) & attending the next Rev-Up on Wednesday 16th November (click here for details)

Video testimonials have set us apart from our competitors as real, local & worth talking to. We aren’t in the Social Media Marketing space but I’m excited about the impact we’ve had from posting a couple of short videos on our testimonial page & wanted to share 🙂 If you are a SOHO business inContinue Reading

Never sound disheartened or angry if the call does not go in your favour, keep your emotions in check and maintain good phone posture.  Rushing off the phone with a hasty goodbye or hanging up too quickly will leave them feeling negative about your company.   If the call was successful and you have finalisedContinue Reading

You have reached the call objective and you’re about to book the appointment so be careful not to let all your hard work go to waste!  Don’t get too excited, remain professional and on to it as you remember to confirm all relevant contact and appointments details, nothing worse than turning up in the wrongContinue Reading

Having asked all the appropriate questions and gathered as much information about the prospects current business situation as possible to judge whether they are in the market for your offer now, in the future or if it will never apply to them.   When you have determined which of these categories the prospect falls inContinue Reading

If they do result in a lead or appointment then you want to be able to recall the phone conversation and its key points so you can ‘pick up where you left off’ when you meet in person, this means you can re-visit topics or issues that were mentioned when you attend the appointment. IfContinue Reading

Sticking to the script at the same time as listening and conversing is a must.  A well thought out and prepared script means that you know how the conversation should play out and helps you to focus on the objective or result you want to achieve.   Having the ability to think on your feetContinue Reading

Have you ever been asked the same question more than once whilst speaking with a Telemarketer? Having to repeat yourself is rather frustrating isn’t it? Discover early in the conversation if your product or service is a good fit and applicable for their business. Take note of additional information they provide, allow them to speak,Continue Reading

Sometimes we can be rather lazy when it comes to the English language with all kinds of words being adapted, shortened and pronounced incorrectly.   Saying “Yup” and “Nah” does not sound very professional, does it? While keeping your phone posture in mind you also need to be conscious of your phone speech. The basicContinue Reading

Phone posture is another basic skill that needs to be mastered.  Yes, you will come across angry or rude people and it is human nature to feel upset or want to retaliate – neither response is advisable, you will immediately lose their respect. You need to realise that your call is an interruption to theirContinue Reading